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another life ruined by Derek Hale. x

I was playing the Hercule Poirot hidden object games the other night… and tell me that I’m not going crazy and that you can totally see James McAvoy in this too?

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    Oh my god, that really does look like Charles!
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  7. amberfoxfire answered: Looks like part of the Big Fish Games collection. Not sure I’ve played that one, but I recommend the series highly. Mystery Case Files, too.
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  12. nim-lo-nim said: oops, suddenly Eric/Charles.
  13. the-lady-artemis answered: Um, that looks exactly like James McAvoy! I feel like I’ve seen that exact photo of him somewhere else….
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  15. leviathanfan answered: It’s totally the eyebrows that makes me see it. They are exactly the same.
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    It totally looks like McAvoy as Charles! It’s even basically the right hair, and a sweater vest! And he’s talking about...
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    LOL. They so used James for reference.
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    Let’s have a fantwist more on this - let’s say it’s Charles and he went to visit a guy in a turtle shirt - would that be...
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